Welcome to Pop Off,

A full service agency for artists who want their work to Pop Off.

Email us at info@popoffagency.com and let's get to work! With experience in public relations and advertising, we will get you noticed. Let us know what you need and we will make it happen! Thank you and we look forward to working with you. 


Graphic DesigN

In a world full of distractions, you need something impactful, creative, and unique. We’ve got your back.




Original Content

Our world is ruled by content and we can do anything ranging from Blog Posts, Podcasts, and Videos.


MArketing Strategy

Marketing = Art + Strategy. A marketing plan is comprehensive: identifying your audience with insights to create innovative strategies, and compelling concepts. Click images to view examples.



Website Design

Multiple page website design incorporating all your media, details, art, and contact information in a compelling design. (Purchase of domain and website service will be your responsibility and we will design the site).




From portraits to concerts, parties to landscapes, they will all be Insta-Worthy.

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Additional Services


Not sure what steps to take to expand your reach? Let’s chat! In a consultation we will establish your goals in a video call and identify what steps must be taken to achieve such goals. Schedule for 30 minutes, an hour, or two hours.

Topics we will cover:

Your top 3 goals, Your target audience, Your current visibility, Your ideal aesthetic, Your inspirations, Social media strategy, Developing a marketing plan, General tips for social media building, Any questions you may have, and more.

Art Review

Got a new single, EP, or album dropping soon? Let us help you out with an honest and compelling album review on Pat On Pop’s blog.


Melissa Fine | Into the Storm


A logo is your first impression on your audience so it has to be right. It will be everywhere so it is imperative that it represents you and your brand.

Media List

A tailored database including news outlets, blogs, or music reviewers all tailored to your demographic for easy email list marketing.

Pop off package

This package is a full integrated marketing service where Pop Off will provide whatever you may need. To discuss this further email us at info@popoffagency.com with your expectations/needs and we will set up a video call.