Let's Talk About Music Windowing

Let's Talk About Music Windowing...

First of all what is this?

Music Windowing is a phrase that represents the business strategy of making content available on only certain platforms. The biggest examples are Adele when her music was only available hard copy for a little while and Taylor Swift only using Apple music... for a little while... then Beyonce only using Tidal... for a... little... while.


It is only for a little while. So does implementing this strategy conjure real results?

It depends on who you are... If you have the star power to pull these shenanigans off and you believe your fans will absolutely spend money on vinyl, tapes, and CDs, then all the power to you! If you aren't at that major star power... then I'd stick to streaming and live performances.

This then leads to another question... If artists can't rely on windowing then what other innovative ways are there to make money?

It is up to the next generation of music business leaders... Billboard recently released an article titled, 48 Music Biz Jobs of Tomorrow -- And How to Get Them, and the theme of the article was very entrepreneurial. Each job seemed to be one that any recent college graduate could start doing on their own without even sending in one job application, resume, or cover letter. 

This industry is rapidly changing, which is why windowing worked a couple years ago but now we need something new... That is up to us Music Business Pioneers! Lets make HISTORY. 


Pat Timmons