The Key Ingredient to a Thriving Music Scene

What it takes to make a music scene WERK:

The Audience!

Without the support of the local community, a music scene is non-existent. Most cities have a lot of talent but this talent does not have the resources to create a strong presence in their city. This is where the local community comes in. Take some time to look through your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds for local musicians and their events. Follow them, listen to them, share them, and go to their events!

Music Scene Pat On Pop Nashville

Cities like Austin, Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville, have been supportive of their musicians for years. From this support, they are able to create music districts and attract large music companies to build headquarters in their cities like Warner Music, Sony Music, and Universal Music. 

Simply put, there is enough talent in most cities to create a "music scene" but there is not enough support from the audiences and local businesses. For example, Boston is a city full of universities with a lot of talent. Berklee, Boston Conservatory, Emerson College, Northeastern University, Boston University, and many others that have programs in the arts. Why is there nothing here to support these artists? Why is there no scene for them to easily be discovered? We need to build this scene by showing support, by being present. Once we build this scene, Boston could be the next Music City. 

Every big artist started in a local scene, so you never know who will be in your city waiting to be discovered. 

Some events in Boston that you should totally go support!

Porchfest | Now until September 22nd | Citywide

Make Music Boston | June 21st | Citywide

Dorchester Heights | June 23rd | Dorchester Heights

Dead Trains, Yelloyuth, amiright?, Wait | August 13th | O'Brien's Pub


Pat Timmons