What I’ve Learned from Job Hunting in the Music Industry... So Far

What I’ve Learned from Job Hunting in the Music Industry... So Far

Above all, it is not easy. 

It is draining, exciting, abrasive, and empowering. When you click “apply” on that job application portal after working hard to prove yourself worthy you feel empowered. It’s absolutely exciting and you can’t stop refreshing your email for that response to your application. It finally comes and the application update is abrasive. The application update is draining. 

This happens almost daily but then you get an interview! You research the company with your heart and soul. Learning everything about the company and making sure you’re prepared for absolutely any question they may ask you. This is your chance! Your chance to show this person how much you care. How hard you would work for this job. How much energy you would pour into this company. If you just got your foot in the door you could... but there is no offer. They say that it was not an easy choice. And that is okay. 

This has been my past few months and I know how hard it is. I have been talking to industry professionals, asking them for their advice on how to make it in this industry and these are some points they have all made:

1. Do not compare yourself to others. 

2. Start doing what you WANT to do and prove to the companies that you can do what you WANT and that you can assist their team as a valuable asset.  

3. Network. Meet people, anyone. If you’re at a concert find the team that put it together and talk to them. Be aggressive. 

4. Be resilient and innovative. 

5. Reach out and ask questions! I have been cold messaging people who I respect in the industry on LinkedIn and they have all been very generous with their time and expertise. 

6. Once you’re in the door, do anything. Make the impression. Build trust. You are worthy of the position, now prove it.  

As I said before, this is not easy... but what you must do is remember why you are fighting. Music is extremely important. Every person on Earth can connect to music. It is universal. Now more than ever we need art that is universal.