Melissa Fine | Into the Storm

An Album Review of Into the Storm

Melissa Fine is a young artist from the Greater Boston Area creating music that hits the emotions HARD. Her music is full of emotion and is very relatable because it comes from a real honest place. Utilizing strong beats, harmonies, and vocal effects, Melissa's music invites you to think about your experiences about love and life. 

The album opens with Conscience, an intense song with a lot of overlay of vocals and emotion. The music uses a lot of different vocal effects that put the listener in a very interesting emotional place. As the album continues into Bare Feet and Heart of Gold, the listener gets to hear the pure vocals of Melissa Fine and the strong harmonies that pull on the heart strings. 

The lyrics in this album are used in a unique and strong method of creating a setting and scene that makes you feel like you are with Melissa Fine on her journey of self discovery. This sense of setting is done throughout the album with the various instruments that Melissa incorporates with the lyrics ranging from harmonica to electric guitar. 

Pat On Pop Melissa Fine

Melissa has gained a lot of success on previous albums by utilizing just her vocals as her instruments and in Stop Talking we see why! This technique creates a nice vibe with the music and is a big trend right now.

Already Dead allows the listener to connect with Melissa on a deep level through an upbeat and "happy" sounding back track. This is a classic dynamic that always enhances the emotion of music. Chapter One utilizes a lot of questions and story telling that makes the listener feel a sense of love, joy, sadness, and heartbreak. A classic love song. 

The album ends with Rainbow Eyes an amazing anthem for LGBTQ+ people that pushes a vibe of confidence and protest. This song and this album as a whole acts as an agent in educating people about the LGBTQ+ community. Melissa Fine does an incredible job at bringing this community to light in a great phrase, "equality starts with love". 

You can learn more about Melissa and her music here.

Facebook: Melissa Fine Music

Instagram: @melissa.fine

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