The Shadowboxers | A Band That Knows How to Build Community

Boston, MA

Justin Timberlake performed his Man of the Woods tour in TD Garden in Boston on April 4th and 5th. The concert sent out a blatant message of community through effects like a fake campfire, starry skies, and togetherness. 

Pat On Pop Justin Timberlake Boston.jpg

JT wasn't the only one on the stage pushing for a strong sense of community. His DJ, DJ Freestyle Steve, was playing a wide range of music that got people excited for the upcoming performance and got everyone on their feet singing together. DJ Freestyle Steve asked the audience if anyone was there with their best friend multiple times making it clear that is what he believes music is all about; sharing it with people you love.

After DJ Freestyle Steve got the crowd pumped up, the opening band The Shadowboxers came on and played their hearts out. Their style is pop, r&b, with inspiration from Justin Timberlake, The Eagles, and others. The band was discovered by Justin Timberlake through one of their covers of JT's songs and it has been a great partnership ever since. 

After their set, The Shadowboxers invited the audience to text their band name to a number and it was followed by instructions to sign up for a newsletter via email. They then threw a curve ball, an opportunity to meet them back stage for just one simple instagram post proving that you are following their Spotify. #BlessUp

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.33.40 AM.png

From a couple direct replies to their stories, a couple of tweets, and a lot of finger crossing my friend and I were able to get backstage and meet the band and talk about life. They in effect gained fans for life. Using Spotify to create community has always been done over sharing playlist via social media, but for The Shadowboxers, they thought differently. 

Pat On Pop The Shadowboxers Backstage.jpeg

Check out The Shadowboxers on Spotify and see their upcoming events on their website!

Pat Timmons