Playlist Story | Marshmello

Two friends are hanging out and laughing while watching some ridiculous Will Ferrel movie and the friend on the right turns to the friend on the left then back at the TV looking a bit somber... 

Listen to first song: Silence

The friend on the left notices the friend on the right staring at them out of the corner of their eye and begins to get noticeably frustrated.

Listen to second song: FRIENDS

Now the two friends are on a vacation on a beach laughing and laying in the sun with other friends not worrying about anything else but being happy.

Listen to third song: Summer

Later that same day the two friends are at a bar and the friend on the right finally admits their true feelings...

Listen to fourth song: Wolves

The two friends are then dancing together at the bar and the friend on the left admits their true feelings as well with tears in there eyes. Then the two friends start spinning and smiling with no trace of regret... the two finally kiss.

Listen to fifth song: Show You

Pat Timmons