The Importance of Liking, Retweeting, and Replying

People appreciate feeling valued. Even on Twitter.

In the entertainment industry people make it big based on their personality and to show off this personality, it is key to connect with your fan base. When celebrities post on Twitter with out any interaction with their audiences they can come off as narcissistic and a bit rude. No Shade! They are busy people, but that is just the way it comes off to fans... 

Shout out to Jeffree Star and Kennedy Davenport for being two major personas but still taking the time to hear their audience's voices. Jeffree is always asking for feedback for videos on Youtube and connecting with people on a personal basis, building a community around the Jeffree Star brand. 

Kennedy is always recognizing the compliments and acknowledgements that people give and offering a way to connect, building a connection with all Kennedy Davenport fans alike.