A Report That Will Give You Life

A Report That Will Give You Life

Live Nation recently released their findings from an intricate and incredible research project on Live Music. With bold statements and color, the company’s report conveys the importance of live music in a digital age. The study focuses on three main generations while highlighting that demographics are getting blurred and that it is imperative to focus on other characteristics such as buying habits, values, and more.

Here are the five points that hit me hard.

Sensation deprivation

    • The transition from social currency to human connection was a quick one…

    • Live music is the antidote to the deprivation

      • “it’s a powerful incubator for human emotion” -Live Nation

Live music gives us LIFE

    • At a St. Vincent concert Live Nation measured variables like brain frequency and found that live music literally makes us feel more alive.

      • “By testing galvanic skin response, alpha power brain waves and synchronization through accelerometers, we were able to demonstrate the impact on fans' level of excitement, emotional intensity, attentiveness, engagement, and human connection. We combined biometric data with survey data to verify and correlate the link between how fans think they feel and how they actually feel.” -Live Nation

    • I recently discovered a band, Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf, and their work is so intense that you literally gain endorphins with every not that Miss Velvet BELTS and every riff the brass section SLAYS.

79% of live music experiences live on after the concert (via Social Media)

    • This is extremely important for artists and brands to capitalize on.

      • If you can make people feel remotely like they did during the actual live event via content, you will trigger the same brain waves and memories that make them feel ALIVE and FOCUSED.

Live concert goers are 121% more influential on their peers

    • So your concert presentation and experience matters more than ever…

People are more likely to value live music over sex in their lives

    • Wow

Check out the report yourself and read into it. Look into what other insights the Live Music industry and brands involved could utilize to their advantage.

Pat Timmons